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Oracle To PostgreSQL Migration

Impero IT Services offers your organization a Migration Solution to convert even complex Oracle applications, containing hundreds of thousands, even millions of lines of code, towards PostgreSQL. Our Knowledge of standby databases, Oracle streams and Oracle Goldengate along with minute details of PostgreSQL means we can migrate multi-terabyte databases with almost zero downtime, no matter how complex / incompatible your data is.

The objective of migrating Oracle applications to Postgres is to eliminate costs of Oracle licenses, and to minimize maintenance costs in the new environment as well.

The complete set of services to this consulting and technology driven assessment include:

Database Administration Services
    Analysis Include.

  • Analysis of which oracle objects will migrate without modification.
  • Analysis of which objects will utilize a compatible implementation.
  • Analysis of unsupported oracle features and potential substitution features and implementation
    Services & Deliverables Include.

  • Assess - Evaluate and Plan the upgrade
  • Upgrade and Test - Performing the technical upgrade and functional testing
  • Acceptance - Facilitating end-user learning
  • Transition and Production - Adoption and Cutover to production
  • Installation Profile Interview
  • System Diagnostic Inventory
  • Migration Assessment Analysis and Summary Report
  • Cost and time estimates to complete a migration
  • Migration Assessment Report Discussion
  • Complimentary 30 days assistance and support

Our Approach To Database Migration

Migration doesn’t necessarily mean a one-to-one copy of the old application. When your organization considers changes in business logic and/or business processes, the migration solution will allow you to re-design your application in this respect. New communication channels can be implemented, as well as requests for changes in business processes. These changes can be addresses at both database and GUI levels, and are facilitated by our Splendid Application Development Platform.

Impero IT Services offers your organization to first depict a global, general picture of the structure and content of a conversion. After that we will define a milestone based program with distinct objectives. Each phase of conversion will deliver the definitions needed for the next stage.

In this manner, a PostgreSQL environment will be created that meets the requirements of a modern IT-architecture in terms of configuration, scalability, security, integration with other systems, and maintainability.
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