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PostgreSQL Technical Support

Impero IT Services gives you "one number to call" for PostgreSQL support. With engagement of most experienced and talented POstgreSQL professionals our internal support engineers facilitate the entire issue resolution process no matter what resources are needed, ensuring that your PostgreSQL database issues are resolved quickly and seamlessly.
This unique PostgreSQL support model gives you access to expert support resources for any type of issue you may encounter be it production support or developer suppport

Why Choose Impero IT Services for PostgreSQL Support?

PostgreSQL Technical Support Features
  • Every customer inquiry is reviewed and investigated directly by highly-experienced support engineers, with access to PostgreSQL community experts.
  • With experienced professionals working for us you can be assured of timely and accurate resolutions to your reported issues and complmentary tips for preventive steps for future error eliminations.
  • With flexibile approach and respect for business ethics we are confident of impressing you with both Technical and Soft Skills.
  • Ultimately customer satisfaction is foremost and absolute goal of our company.

Service Level Agreements


Includes help with problem resolution and “how to” questions as well as recommendations and advice on installation, configuration, integration, and open source package selection.

Plan Details

  • Working hours , 5 days a week
  • Email Support
  • Response Time : 1 day
  • No limits for server
  • All queries / support included
  • 2,500 USD / Year
  • 4,000 USD / 2 years
  • 8,000 USD / 5 Years


Includes all the features of Silver Support, plus up to 20 hours per year of detailed consultative help with configuration, architecture reviews, performance tuning, and migration planning.

Plan Details

  • 24 x 7 hours ; "One Call number" provided
  • Phone, Email & Remote Server Access
  • Response Time : 1 hour
  • No limits for server
  • All queries / support included
  • 4,000 USD / Year
  • 7,000 USD / 2 years
  • 15,000 USD / 5 Years
  • Complimentary DB Health Check for One Server
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