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Search Engine Optimization

You have got a magnificient website and its live ; Now what? You have to get visitors to see your website to know about your products & services.
But how will they find you? Obviously through search engine like Google, Yahoo or others.
Now thats when SEO comes in to picture ; as there are many websites providing same services and same products you need to get your website on top of them on search results on search engines so that vistitors will see your site and eventually they can turn in to customers.

Our Approach To Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization
  • SEO’s mission is to make the content of the website credible enough for search engines to rank it higher in its results so that your targeted group of audience finds your content more relevant and knowledgeably entertaining than compared to your competitors.
  • We do SEO with 100% guarantee , so if keywords doesn't appear on desired rank in the estimated time period you need not to spare a penny.
  • Provide Well anticipated Time and cost estimation before starting the process.
  • Perfect combination of Link Building approach & Content Building approach.
  • Valuable start up costs in the industry.
  • No set up fees, maintenance fees or hidden costs.
  • Each campaign is uniquely designed to meet your needs.



  • Setting Goals.
  • Time & Cost estimation
  • Setting Milestones
  • Keyword research.
  • Identifying prospective client base.
  • Competitor website in same domain.
  • Identify your target market & evaluate what you need to


  • Keywords and site content
  • Link building
  • Content Building
  • Directory Submissions
  • Social Bookmaking Services
  • Article Writing and Distribution
  • Press Release Distribution
  • RSS Feed Submissions


  • Visibility :How are your keywords performing in key search engines?
  • Conversions :Conversions from Visitors To clients : Mainly Google Analytics Tool is used for more accurate reporting and ROI tracking.
  • Visibility :How are your keywords performing in key search engines?
  • Traffic :How many people are using your website and how are they being referred to it?
  • Trends :What key trends are affecting your campaign? We store statistical data from the start to accurately monitor trends.
  • Penetration and opportunity analysis :Tracking progress towards the short, medium and long-term campaign goals.
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