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Get SMS Sent on Mobile Number in Database

Dur to increased use and popularity of SMS , we have come up with solution to make this path breaking technology a medium to access your application. The software reads the SMS sent to mobile number, process it and save it in your database.

This database can now be accessed by Website , or custom application or may be Mobile Application and this is the way sms can be used to control any application.

You can easily create SMS Based Application based on our software.

Working steps for SMS 2 Database Software

SMS to Database Directly
  • Install Desktop based application on your computer.
  • Connect Sim Card Based Dongle / GSM Modem to your Computer via USB Port
  • Now any SMS sent on that mobile number will be directly saved in Live Database
    We can set custom database according to needs & requirements of client.
  • Record will be saved in Database with following fields
        Mobile Number of Sender , Text Content ,Time ,Processed Time
        Any other custom field
  • Your custom aplication / website / mobile aplication can now fetch the records from this database.