With the rise of modern age technologies, there has been ever-increasing competition in the business world. Businesses primarily focus on improving their efficiency and experience to sustain and foster cutthroat competition. And hence, it seems that enterprise mobile application development has become a key to standing out amongst others. 

Apart from customer experience, it is a great asset for internal business operations. Employees don’t need to contact their superiors to ask queries, give leave notices, or get product information; everything is available on the mobile app. So, they can sit in their homes and make it possible to get the right information or apply for leaves. 

Enterprise app development solutions are altering the work environment of the business. Providing your employees with this kind of convenience makes them more willing to work for your organization. 

Moreover, you should know that the business app market size is projected to grow by USD 653 billion from the year 2021-to to 2025

Witnessing the ever-increasing demand for business mobile apps, more companies are heading towards enterprise mobile application development. Top Enterprise software development companies can help you create a remarkable app for your business. However, it takes the right company to do so. A proper background check of their past experiences can help you find the one that meets your needs. 

Enterprise mobile app helps businesses carry out their daily workflows and foster business growth for better customer interaction and experience. It can help companies streamline and automate their business processes, thereby saving ample time and cost. 

Ok, enough of the introduction; let’s jump into specifics of why it is beneficial for your business to have a mobile app.

The Blog Covers:

  • Introduction to Enterprise App

  • Advantages of an Enterprise Mobile App for your Business

  • Steps for Enterprise Mobile App Development 

  • Types of Enterprise Apps

  • Things to Consider Before Creating your Enterprise App

  • Cost to Create an Enterprise App

  • Wrapping Up

Introduction to Enterprise Mobile App Development

An enterprise mobile application is an easy-to-use mobile software system that businesses perform their routine internal or external operations. 

Enterprise app development is a distinctive approach to creating an application for an organization to enhance its workflow, improve employee productivity, streamline operations, engage the team, and much more. It is safe to say that this app has what it takes to ease business operations and boost efficiency using specific tools and frameworks that best fit your needs. 

As per sources, it can be said that around 73 percent of businesses are projected to invest in enterprise app development over the next few years.

Advantages of an Enterprise Mobile App for your Business

Enterprise application mainly aims to boost your company’s revenues and employee productivity. Let’s look at the benefits of enterprise mobile apps for your organization. 

1. Improves Productivity 

Achieving high productivity levels is a dream-like thing for every business. And a mobile app can truly help your business solve this problem with its unique and remarkable features. Enterprise mobile apps play a significant role in streaming communication across several departments of your organization and also between the business and its customers. 

Moreover, the app comes with many helpful tools that can be valuable to employees. For instance, push notifications keep them updated on an upcoming meeting or project deadlines, whereas a calendar helps them manage their work schedule. 

2. Active Communication

Several companies still rely on emails and other traditional means for communication. However, today, when millennials and gen z are all about quick communication, such conventional means seem outdated and majorly impact their productivity. Because it might get difficult to get a quick response when employees are not near their desks, this might hamper progress.

But with a business app, communication becomes effective and fast because most of the employees these days have smartphones and interaction becomes a piece of cake. Several fancy custom-based apps can provide you with really cool emojis and stickers that can make communication serious and fun at the same time. 

3. Better ROI

Rendering incredible features in your enterprise app will lead to increased revenues, better productivity, and improved security, which will lead to better ROI for your business. 

4. Better Opportunities

An enterprise mobile app means grabbing great opportunities that would have taken longer otherwise. This app can help your organization know sudden changes in the market, solve supply chain issues, know employee-related information, obtain customer feedback, manage reputation, and more. Imagine doing all this from one mobile app only. 

5. Reduces Operational Expenses

Every organization wants to save money, regardless of the size. By incorporating cutting-edge technologies in your business app, such as AI, AR/VR, blockchain, etc., you will add immense value to your application. Thus, an enterprise business app welcomes automation and saves ample money over the long haul, creating exceptional experiences for your customers and internal team.

6. Organizes the Data

In general, it is noticed that a company’s data is not well organized & structured. This can create confusion, resulting in poor performance. But with enterprise apps, this area becomes easy. Enterprise apps allow easy and quick access to databases and perform routine activities. 

7. Automates Workflow

Doing repetitive tasks can lower employee efficiency, resulting in lower productivity. With that said, an enterprise app automates the work, thus freeing employees from performing mundane tasks. This will shift their focus on productive areas of business. 

8. Higher Employee Engagement 

A business mobile app brings all the team members to a common platform. It enables employees to freely voice their opinions, share important news, make announcements, etc. This avoids going to the management for discussion personally, saving time and effort. 

In a nutshell, enterprise apps establish a strong work culture and improve productivity, pursuing the organization to look into the future to develop business mobile apps. 

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Steps for Enterprise Mobile App Development 

Business mobile apps have to deal with data storage and frequent data migrations, which makes it primarily important to tighten the security levels. It is crucial to keep the security aspect in mind during each enterprise mobile app development stage. 

#1. Market Research & Define Objectives

Before implementing your idea, it is crucial to perform market research to know if your app has any scope or not. After finalizing the app idea, you must clarify the objectives and goals - What is it that you want your app to accomplish. 

#2. Target Audience

Once you have set straight your objectives, it's time to determine your target audience; this can include gender, age, location, and interests. Only once you know who is your target market you can create your app accordingly. 

#3. Select a Platform 

Choosing a platform is one of the important steps in the mobile app development process. iOS & Android are the two most popular mobile app platforms. And mostly the devices of your team members will differ; you should consider developing an app for both platforms. 

#4. Building a Wireframe

This way you can see how the app will function and look. This stage is crucial because you have a chance to see what your enterprise app will look like and accordingly make changes during the app development phase itself. 

#5. UI/UX Design

This goes without saying that your users will expect your enterprise app to be user-friendly and smooth. Keep in mind that your business app is meant for professional purposes, not entertainment; hence keep it as simple and clean as possible. Your app design should focus more on simplicity rather than overloading it with needless content and features.

#6. App Development 

This part of your process is complex, and you want to guarantee the quality of your product. Hence, it is better to look for an experienced team that you can count on. 

#7. Testing

Another important stage is app testing. Many underestimate this, but doing so can cost you a fortune. Make sure you have a quality assurance team to check your app and fix bugs if any. There are several ways to carry out app testing, you can simply ask your developer for the same. 

#8. Launch & Maintenance

Yay! Your app is released, but don’t forget that your work doesn’t end here. You have to ensure that you keep your app updated and upgraded. No one likes using outdated technology filled with bugs and errors. Hence, make sure your development app is there to support you till the end.

Types of Enterprise Apps

There are three types of business apps; they are as follows:

  • Organization-based App: This app connects several organizational departments and brings the business under one roof. This app allows employees from various sectors to connect and interact with top-level management. 

  • Department-based App: This app enables a specific departmental workflow, such as sales, finance, HR, marketing, and more. It implements department-based features and allows supervising employees’ productivity.

  • Employee-based App: This app is employee-centric and only for internal with limited features. This app monitors employee workflow and helps management track employees’ performance levels. 

Things to Consider Before Creating your Enterprise App

  • Focus on UI/UX Design

Your app’s UI/UX is the first thing that will decide whether it will stay or exit. Hence, making eye-catchy designs for your business mobile app becomes essential. Despite being attractive, you should ensure that your app is user-centric and easy to use; otherwise, your employees won’t bother using it.

  • Think from the User's Perspective

Keep yourself in your employees' shoes to consider the kind of app you want to develop. Doing this exercise will help you understand their desires and pain points. Hence, think from the users’ perspective before developing or designing your business mobile app. 

  • Define your Objectives

Before starting with your enterprise mobile app development, know your objectives. Note down what it is that you want to offer your users. Know your target audience. Know your competitors. Keep in mind the overall app development cost and your budget. Think about the features that will improve user experience and boost productivity. 

  • Make Yourself Stand Out.

Create a stand apart app because unique and valuable apps will go a long way. Your USPs will differentiate you from your competitors, hence building an app that makes you stand out from the rest. Also, USPs can play a significant role in captivating users towards your app.

  • Performance matters above all. 

Several companies tend to focus on their app’s features beyond everything. Of course, features are important, but not more than performance. Your enterprise app’s performance is the main factor that influences end-users; therefore, try to create smooth navigation with a user-friendly interface. 


Cost to Create an Enterprise App

This is the common-most question asked by app development companies. But the answer is not that simple! Because one size does not fit all. The cost of an enterprise mobile app varies due to several factors:

  • Platform (iOS, Android, or Hybrid)

  • App Category 

  • App Complexity 

  • Location

  • UI/UX design

  • App Features 

Moreover, the more advanced your app is, the more it will cost. Advanced technologies such as AI, AR/VR, blockchain, etc., often tend to push the cost higher. Hence, evaluate all your options before making the final decision. 

Wrapping Up

Creating your business app is not just an investment but also gives you a competitive advantage. It might look expensive at first, but it is worth the outcome. If you are thinking of building your enterprise mobile app, you should take a shot and explore your options for the top enterprise app development companies. 

Enterprise mobile apps bring in many benefits, as already discussed above, and they can boost the overall business efficiency. Hope this detailed guide was all you needed to give yourself the perfect start. So, are you all set to create your enterprise app? Commence your journey towards success!

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