Businesses representing all niches and entrepreneurs from all walks of life need to develop mobile apps. Now, most of these businesses lack technical expertise and experience in managing development teams. Naturally, they opt for outsourcing the app project from some development companies.

Recent statistics mention that by 2022 the worldwide remote workforce is going to cross 1.87 billion. It amounts to a staggering 42% of the entire organized sector employees. So, remote work and outsourcing will continue to rise in popularity in the years to come. Naturally, hiring an app developer remotely for a software project has become the new normal now.

Businesses in the Uk for some years are leaning toward outsourcing or remote hiring for their app projects. But many such businesses still believe in some age-old cliches about outsourcing. For them, here we are going to explain how to find an app developer for remote engagement.

To Hire App Developers Have clear app development goals

For hiring an app development team, it is important to do extensive research regarding the app project at the very beginning. Start by researching the app type and the revenue model that suits the app. Secondly, you need to figure out the audience who needs your app and other apps that you need to compete with.

One needs to be meticulously particular about the project's app idea, design, and features. Having a detailed project requirement document will help you describe the project to the developers is better. A wireframe and the requirement document to showcase the basic look and feel of the app will be extremely helpful.

Know the app type and target platforms

Do you want to build it first for iOS followed by Android or do you want to build a simple hybrid app that runs on all platforms or do you want to build an app with a shared codebase across platforms along with platform-specific user experience? For hiring an outsource app developer, you need to know your target platforms and tech stack first.

Well, these three options can be described as native, hybrid, and cross-platform development. Only when you decide among these three distinct types of apps, you can further decide on the technology stack for the project. For example, for native iOS development you need Swift, for native Android development Kotlin or Java, for hybrid development you need Ionic and for cross-platform development you need Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, and Kotlin Multiplatform, etc.

Determining the Development Budget

Ultimately, a business irrespective of its location or area of operation needs to determine the budget before starting with development. It is advisable to make estimates of every single aspect starting from the design, coding, and app testing. It is always advisable to have enough budgetary room to ensure optimum flexibility. Consider the budgeting exercise keeping a moderate hourly development rate and a moderate development time for the project.

Know where to find the right resources

For example, to Hire Flutter Developer team to outsource projects, you need to have a clear idea about the places to find the right developer resources. Online search engine results can still be effective enough to help you know about the developers with the right skills, track record, and experience.

Particularly, the B2B review and rating websites for development companies such as Clutch, Goodfirms, and a few others can be great places to research developer resources. In these web addresses,, you can easily come across customer testimonials as well as portfolios of these companies.

Reach out to their clients as well

Getting access to the portfolio of completed app projects is very easy. But now after doing this the real task begins. You need to download their representative apps and try to analyze the shortcomings and strengths in relation to the market competition.

But checking the portfolio and analyzing their previous work is not enough. It is important to discuss with some of their clients and get their direct feedback on the development experience and their association.

This will give you a comprehensive idea of the remote development company you are considering. A company can be good at coding but worst at project management. This is why talking to the clients of development services is always beneficial.

A technical interview

Now when you have finally shortlisted a few development companies for the project, it is important to conduct a remote technical interview headed by a CTO on a video conferencing platform. The typical technical interview questions should try to reveal the coding knowledge and development expertise of the candidate.

A peer programming session

The technical interview should be followed by a peer programming session. In this session, the in-house development team will engage in coding a small app project along with the remote developer candidates through a collaborative environment. Apart from testing the coding skills, this will also reveal the collaborative development capabilities of the candidate.

A soft skill assessment is a must

When hiring developers, you need to make sure they have the right personality attributes, job attitude, communication skills, and problem-solving mindset required for a developer to excel in their career. Soft skill assessment is a must when you hire front-end developers. These aspects termed soft skills need to be assessed when the technical assessment is over.

To begin with, consider the time zone differences with the developer's locations and how they can really make a difference in respect of output. A similar or suitable time zone will help align the developers with the project well. Secondly, you need to make sure that the cultural differences are not big enough to hamper the collaborative spirit of development. Another important thing to judge is the communication skills of the developers and their ability to articulate development issues in clear terms.

How well developers are versed with the latest collaboration tools for app projects is another key thing to consider. You need to make sure they have a natural inclination towards learning new things. The aptitude level of developers, especially their problem-solving skills represents a key area for assessment.

Considering the company culture

This is a crucial factor for hiring any developer from a remote development company. It is a fact that many company heads often tend not to discuss it, before hiring the developer team you should insist on evaluating the same. The type of working environment, in which the app developers are working in can actually make an impact on their output and motivation level. This is why evaluating company culture is of 3xtreme significance.

Before hiring a remote development company, it is important to know how they ensure collaboration among developers and how everyone is allowed to speak their mind in the decision-making process. Whether the company is known for supervising employee performance with close monitoring techniques or whether the company offers absolute creative freedom to ensure excellence, is a critical consideration. Normally developers working with utmost creative freedom give a better output.

Insist on utilizing most communication channels

Another major piece of advice for hiring developers whether on a freelance basis or as dedicated ones is to utilize the best communication channels and means to fill up the void of remoteness. Email and teleconferencing are great measures for official communication and in-person interviews.

To make the communication even more impactful for the interview process, do not put every kind of question in just one interview. Instead, segregate the questions and important aspects in a well-defined and disciplined manner. It is always an effective practice to take several small rounds with a clear assessment goal for each interview. For aptitude testing questions it is always effective to engage interactive testing tools or chatbots before moving on to an in-person conference.

Safeguard the intellectual rights

Finally, when sharing the app idea and when engaging a remote development team the business must safeguard the core app idea as well as the codebase of the app. Since these are intellectual properties that are going to play a fundamental role in shaping the success of your app, you just cannot take them lightly.

Just before finalizing the deal with the remote development company or the development team it is important to make an agreement specifying that the source code belongs to the promoters of the app and after the development, the source code is supposed to be transferred to the owners.

Just following this principle, you also need to make sure that the app idea shared in the assessment process is not shared or made public by anyone. To ensure such confidentiality of the app idea it is important to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the prospective development companies who are being considered for the project.

Wrapping Up

All these principles and measures to hire app developers uk have surpassed the test of time and are followed widely by successful app projects across the niches. Needless to say, for Uk businesses, these principles and practices stand equally important.


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