Front-end developers have always remained in demand; guess why?

Because the front-end is the foremost thing a user sees when they open a website or an app. 
A well-built and catchy front-end is what every app/website needs to attract users & make them loyal users. 

And to get that classy look and feel appeal - an app owner needs to hire front-end developers who are highly skilled and present a grand front-end that 
instantly appeals to the users.

So what is front-end?

What is front-end development?

Popularly known as client-side development, front-end development comprises look, feel & ultimately, design. It can be produced by Html, CSS & JavaScript technologies. 

Further, front-end development is supported by back-end development. 
(we call it behind-the-scenes of the application)

Bottom line;
In simple terms, front-end development is the part of the app you see so use.

What does a Front End Developer do?

A front-end developer works on the front-end side of an application, be it a mobile or web application. More importantly, a front-end developer is concerned with coding & programming that side of the application that users interact with and use. For that, front-end languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript are used to create the client-side of the web application.

What should you expect before you hire a front-end developer?

Here comes an important part;

Before you hire a front-end web developer, you should know what they do and how they do it. 

With the help of front-end technologies (Html, CSS & JavaScript), a front-end developer implements visual elements that a user can see & interact with...within a website/application. 

A front-end developer’s job is to make pages more interactive and easy to use. 

And for that, whether it’s clicking a button or scrolling down the feed of an application, it’s carried out by a front-end developer via implementing a code. 

The ultimate aim should be conversion- software should prompt the user to take action. (click the button & avail your service or buy your product) 

A front-end developer usually includes innovative ways such as videos, games, forums, activities, and social media to put in creative contents that incite users to take action & ultimately turn into conversion. 

Chron published a report reviewing the average time a user spends on the website. It was observed that an average website user would leave the website in 10-20 seconds. It’s very obvious that to beat the attention span. The only solution is to offer a website that’s above average and prompts users to interact with it. 

Undoubtedly, you’ll need to hire front-end developers that can keep the average John, Jennifer, and James interested.

Day-to-day tasks of a Front End Developer

When you partner with veteran front-end developers, their day-to-day tasks will mostly involve turning the designs of the website/app into user interfaces. Their workflow will generally have to optimize the app or website to create a great user experience. Also, maintaining and updating the website is a regular task on their task list.

Major skills to look for when you hire a front-end developer.

What if you hire an inexpert developer, and it all shows in the outcome of your product? 
We know you never want to be in that situation, do you?
No, of course not. 
So, before setting your foot, you must have basic knowledge about front-end developer skills. 
And yes, the tools & technologies front-end developers use.

Front-end development tools: 

For front-end development, HTML & CSS are considered as markup languages. 

But it would be wrong to say that a front-end developer should only be skilled in HTML & CSS. 

Expertise in JavaScript is a superior skill you should look for when hiring front-end developers. 

If your app or website requires a high level of interaction, then a front-end developer with proficiency in JavaScript is necessary.

Popularly known as JS, JavaScript is a programming language to create dynamic user interaction in a website or app. 


Make sure your hiring criteria include JavaScript as a must-have front-end developer skill. 

This doesn’t end here... 

  • Hiring someone knowing a couple of languages isn't just enough! A front developer should be a proud possessor of mastering debugging & testing codes.
  • They should ensure that their codes are error-free. Test-Driven Development (TDD) approach is what they should follow. (at least, this is what we believe as a mobile app development company 
  • TDD is an agile development approach and allows the developers to test the code before finalizing it. The developer’s code must be passed; if it’s not, it will enable refining the code until the correct code is placed. 
  • Besides, ensure you hire dedicated front-end developers well acquainted with browser development tools. Adding static web page elements, ensuring small page rendering, etc., should be easily done by front-end developers. 
  • Another paramount thing while looking for a front-end developer for hire is to see if they use AJAX or not. AJAX or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a development technique to send non-contemporary requests to clients by a server.  With AJAX’s help, a website application can run smoothly and respond much faster.
  • When an end-user sends requests, the application can quickly translate requests into a desirable action that a user doesn’t even realize the enormous task done off-screen.
  • Finally, a front-end developer with the soft skills to work in a team tops all the skills. Hire front-end developers that possess good communication & collaborative skills. They should explain their ideas effectively to other team members & also suggest the best development ideas. 

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How to assess a good front-end developer?

Before hiring a front-end developer for your app idea, you should assess & examine their portfolios. 

It’s essential to know about the previous projects they have worked on. 

Doing so will help you understand whether the front-end developer you’ll be hiring will meet your project requirements and achieve them successfully. 

Developers are divided into three positions: 

  • Junior front-end developers

  • Middle front-end developers

  • Senior front-end developers

You can hire senior, middle & junior developers as business owners. 
(Depends upon your requirements)

Junior front-end developers

  • Junior developers are usually candidates with 0-1 year of experience. 
  • With little practice in their stride, they are adept at only one programming language or framework. 
  • Their experience only lets them accomplish basic or limited small tasks. 

We can say that the front-end developers in this group are in the exploration period and lack practice in their development approach. Though they have little experience, they have enough talent to develop uncomplicated applications. For instance, building a landing page or a classic functionality!

But here’s a catch, 
The major advantage you get from hiring a junior front-end developer is – that they come at the lowest price! 

Another added benefit with them is, 

“They work great in teams.” 

As they need the help of middle & senior developers, they take up all the development tasks. And when appropriately guided, junior front-end developers can greatly assist your team. (don’t forget they’re cheapest to hire)

Though, think twice before hiring them :)

Middle front-end developers

  • This is a group with 3+ years of experience.  

  • They’ve all the prior experience of a Jr. developer and are proficient in more than one programming language.

  • Their pricing criteria range in the middle fragment of the front-end development market. 

  • Due to quite a good year of experience, they can handle tasks well & can make unconstrained decisions. 

  • However, they may get stuck in complex projects.

Usually, this group goes for teams, but sometimes they opt to become a freelance front-end developer.

Senior front-end developers

  • Proud possessor of 5+ years of experience, senior front-end developers are highly skilled in front-end development.  

  • And of course, they’re expensive to hire. 

  • With mastery in front-end development, they can develop robust & highly effective apps for your business plans. 

  • Before onboarding on your project, Senior front-end developers analyze your business model thoroughly and then lay out an estimated budget. 

  • They ensure that they opt for tools & technologies that are best for the project.

Moreover, you can hire dedicated front-end developers for complex-level work as they suggest the most optimal ways to go with the project and the functionality that best suits the business model. 

If your app idea is associated with complex features, many interactive elements, and many complicated development aspects, hire senior front-end developers who best suit your project. 

Believe us! 

If your project is complex, senior developers can be your best bet. Though it may come as an expensive job, it would be worth the price. 

How much does it cost to hire front-end developers? 

If you’re adamant about hiring front-end developers, then keep being adamant. Because numerous factors determine the cost of hiring a front-end developer. 

Factor #1 The scope of your project. 


The more complex your idea >>, the longer the project timeline >>, and the bigger the budget. 

Yep, that’s how it works. 

Do you visualize a simple app/website with basic functions?


A complex app/website with many functions?

A front-end developer's cost will range between $15 and $20 per hour if it's a simple project. (Junior Developer)

If your project falls into the complex category, the front-end developer hiring cost may go up to $20 - $40 per hour. 

Factor #2 Technical stack you choose.

The technical stack also influences the price of hiring a front-end web developer. 

The development charge will rise if you go for ReactJS front-end technology. (ReactJS is the latest web development framework) 

Leading web application development company uses ReactJS For front-end technology.  

Well, there are other frameworks available in the market. 

So, choose accordingly. 

Pro tip - Ask for full price-related details from the candidate before hiring them.

Factor #3 Location of the front-end developer.

A developer’s rate differs as the location, quite naturally. 

If you hire front-end developers in the USA, the rate is $61 - $150. At the same time, if you outsource your project to a freelancer front-end developer staying in Latin America, the price per hour will notably be lower. 

According to Glassdoor, a front-end developer’s average salary in the USA is $71,698/year. 


All the above factors make up for the price of hiring a developer. 

You can determine yours based on your app idea.

How to hire front-end developers?

There are several ways to hire front-end developers - job boards, freelance marketplace, outsourcing, and in-house development teams. Regardless each has its pros & cons. It’s advisable to check each of the ways carefully and then go for the hiring option that best suits you & your app concept.                   

  • Freelance frontend developers

  • Inhouse front end developers

  • Outsourcing

1) Freelance frontend developers

Unlike other hiring options, freelance marketplaces seem an easy way to hire front-end developers. And may also seem like an affordable option too. 

Although, in reality, the more freelancers frontend developers you hire for your app idea, the more problem it creates in communication and other development-related issues. 

Besides, the possibility of a slower development process & facing more bugs in the end.

Pros of hiring a freelancer: 

  • Cheaper than other options. (due to tough competition on freelancing job boards)

  • Only hire when you need

  • An excellent option for small-scale development project

Cons of hiring a freelancer: 

  • No dedication (works on multiple projects)

  • Different timezones lead to different timetables for the freelancers

  • No guarantee of sticking to the project

Where to hire front-end developers?

  • Upwork

  • Fiverr

  • Toptal
  • Codementor

2) In-house front-end developers

Once you hire front-end developers and work with them, you will eventually come to know whether the person is dedicated to your project or not.

In-house front-end developers are equal to hiring dedicated front-developer, as in-house developers put in more effort to get positive outcomes. And efforts directly show interest. Owing to their dedication, they’re less likely to leave your project midway (far apart from freelance frontend developers)

Pros of in-house front-end developers: 

  • Monthly salaries with a well-equipped workplace build motivation in in-house developers. 

  • Long term goals

  • Better team players
  • Chances for working longer
  • Resolves issues quickly 

Cons of in-house front-end developers: 

  • Salaries increase over time; they may prove costly to you

  • Hard to find in-house developers in small cities

  • Expenses like -workplace, equipment, and taxes may add to your budget. 
  • The hiring process is time-consuming: find, interview & call them on board. 

Where to hire?

  • Glassdoor

  • Indeed

  • LinkedIn

3) Outsourcing companies

A hit in the IT sector, outsourcing helps businesses outsource their projects to different parts of the world. 

Also, outsourcing hiring allows you to hire front-end developers in an offshore mobile development company from any country worldwide. 

The hired company will work on your project remotely in their own office. And that way, you can save on office space, sick leaves, and tariffs. 

Pros of outsourced developers: 

  • No physical expenses.

  • Availability of changing development team according to the project team.

  • Hired outsourced teams are a team present in one office, which means one team, one location, and one focus, i.e, your core goal. 
  • Effective team communication throughout the project
  • Transparent procedures
  • Fast development procedures > Faster time to market.

Cons of outsourced developers: 

  • Expensive hiring process compared to freelancers

  • Communication gaps may arise due to time zone differences. 

Where to hire?

  • Good firms

  • Clutch

  • IT firms

That’s all, folks, 

Agree or disagree, front-end development is the heart of a software development process. And an opportunity for you to make your FIRST TIME USERS loyal customers.  

Do you want to miss this fantastic opportunity to please your audience?

We know - NO.


Take it as advice or a PRO TIP - Hire front-end developers very selectively! Very. 

Outsourcing can be a great option with so many benefits. And outsourcing with us can double them. Yep, truly. At Impero, we believe in effective team communication throughout the project timeline. You can outsource your project to us & we’ll lend you developers only devoted to you. 

Yes, promise :)

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