In the software development universe. For the years being, developers were either front-end developers or back-end developers. Regardless of evolving technological stacks, developers are choosing to become full-stack developers who can take care of both the front & back end. With this change in place, entrepreneurs who are also inclined to develop an app look forward to Hire Full Stack Developer, a one-person army to create an app without involving other developers.

Having a profound knowledge of their craft, Full stack developers have an average of 4+ years of experience. They have impressive command over the key programming languages and app development frameworks. More importantly, the mobile app development process becomes more streamlined and efficient when your app developer has a broad spectrum of knowledge to assist you in reducing the overall cost of development. This all-rounder developer is none other than a full stack developer.

So, What is The Role of a Full Stack Developer?

Hiring both front-end and back-end developers is an expensive job. And this is where the role of full stack developers sets in. Full stack developers are the master of both the front and back end. They have expertise in varied programming niches, can even do UI/UX designing of the app, and are even skilled at taking up databases. A full stack developer can be said to be one that is master as well as Jack of all the mobile app related programming related stuff.

Everything you need to know about Full stack developers

  1. Types of Full Stack Developers
  2. How and Where Should You Hire Veteran Full Stack Developers
  3. Hiring a mobile app development company
  4. Questions you should ask to a full stack developer while hiring
  5. Benefits of hiring a full stack developer

From designing the user-interaction of an app to building its architecture, hiring a full stack developer makes the job easy for entrepreneurs and can prove to be an excellent asset for a team. In accordance with your app development requirements, you can choose the type of full stack developer you require.

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Types of Full Stack Developers

Before you take up the adventure to hire full stack Web developers, it's downright necessary to know your requirements and which kind of full stack developer you need to hire for your app development needs. Here are some of the popular & efficient full stack tech stacks in the market.

  • MEAN

You don’t have to be mean in order to hire MEAN developers. MEAN is an abbreviation for a developer who knows the following technologies-

The MEAN stack is mainly based on JavaScript technology, and if you look forward to hire fullstack developer that includes the MEAN stack, then hiring a MEAN developer is the best option. Moreover, the JavaScript-based tech stack is entirely scalable, free and open-source.

  • MERN

MERN tech stack is slightly different from MEAN. It is the second most popular tech stack, and the developers who have mastery in the following technologies are known as MERN stack developers.

  • MongoDB

  • Express.js

  • React.js

  • Node.js

In MEAN, the front-end technology is Angular.js, whereas the MERN tech stack has React.js as its front-end technology. To get high-performing, customized web application development services, you can hire top full-stack developers who are experts with the MERN tech stack.

  • MEVN

Another popular tech stack is MEVN; MEVN is a combination of technology that includes-

  • MongoDB

  • Express.js

  • Vue.js

  • Node.js 

Entrepreneurs who look forward to hire front end developer with expertise in Vue.js can instead hire skillfull full stack developers with MEVN expertise. Vue.js is a popular programming language having both the functionalities of React.js as well as Angular.js - these two technologies combined can work great for your web application.

  • LAMP

Best for projects that require high-powered performance, the LAMP tech stack is the best option out there. It is mainly for projects that call for back-end centred app development. Full stack Developers, who are called LAMP developers, have expertise in the following technologies.

  • Linux OS

  • Apache HTTP server

  • MySQL database management

  • PHP

The LAMP tech stack is the most trusted technological tech stack and is widely prevalent among full-stack developers for developing high-end enterprise web applications. Here PHP is the back-end technology, which allows for high-end application development. More importantly, these technologies combined allows for high-level customisation and thus is favoured by full-stack developer all over the globe.

If you are looking for a mobile-specific tech stack to create a cross-platform app, you can hire Flutter developer who has previous experience in Android to get an app that can work on a multitude of platforms.

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How and Where Should You Hire Veteran Full Stack Developers That are Experts at Their Craft?

The app development industry is becoming enormous with each passing day. And with that, new opportunities are ushered in for entrepreneurs around the globe. With so many opportunities at hand, entrepreneurs are making the most out of it by coming up with app development solutions that have greatly influenced how we live and work. Developers are also leveraging the opportunities and learning new tech stacks that can significantly help change app development dynamics.

If you’re also one of the entrepreneurs widening the sphere of possibilities & looking to hire expert full stack developers - here is the first thought you will encounter - how & where I can find those tech experts.

The answer is easy -

Start with your network.

Your network includes - your friends, family, and the people you know either directly or indirectly. Talk to them and ask them whether they have any full stack developers in their reference. You can also ask your friends to connect you with other friends who know any full stack developers. Someone in your network will surely guide you on how you can take things forward and find one. Even if you do not find any full-stack developer references from your network, you will surely get some pretty serious advice that is bound to help you in the long run.

More importantly, you can also search for full stack developers through community platforms like LinkedIn or Twitter and browse through the developers’ profiles. LinkedIn offers its users a direct communication channel which you can use to connect with them and get things rolling. Also, you can even start a job search on LinkedIn stating your Full stack developer job hiring. A point to note here is to clearly mention which full stack developer you need, for example - whether you require a LAMP tech stack or a MERN full stack developer. It’s also vital that before you start hiring - you should be clear about your requirements and the skills you look forward to in a developer; having a document with all the needs will make your job easier in finding a tech expert that will prove to be an asset for you.

Look through some freelance portals.

Another great way to full stack developer with skills is through
Freelancers hiring portals. You can visit likes — Upwork, Fiverr, Peopleperhour, Toptal, etc. The developer population here is in abundance, and you will easily be able to find full-stack developers at the lowest at the same time at the highest price.

When choosing freelancers, you need to decide your hiring budget beforehand else; there are chances that you might get lost in the sea of developers. Having a budget beforehand gives you more control of your app development as it allows you to filter candidates based on their hourly rate as well as the full stack developer app type. Choosing freelancers might look budget-friendly, but don’t get lost in hiring inexperienced developers who offer services at the lowest of low prices.

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Hiring a mobile app development company

Hiring a mobile app development company has been the best option for hiring full stack developers. Moreover, if you are looking for dedicated full stack developers, going for a mobile app development company is the most advantageous.

There are three things you need to look at while choosing a mobile app development company - the company's expertise, full-stack developers' experience and the app development cost. Combining all these 3 factors, you can choose a mobile app development company. Moreover, you need to make sure that you hire dexterous full stack developers that understand your ideas and sync with your long-term goals.

Other full stack developers hiring options

  • Staff Augmentation

Another way you can hire freelance full stack developers is through staff augmentation. It’s a quick hiring model that allows you to quickly scale up your app development team and hire remote full stack developers that can work with your already existing team. This method requires you to fill in the full stack position as quickly as possible on a contractual basis.

  • In-house

Companies that already have an in-house development team can Hire a dedicated full stack developer who can work in-house with them. However, it may prove a costly solution due to the hiring process and the in-house cost. The company will have to pay the full stack developer a complete salary package and also will have to give the complete social package to the employee. However, there are some benefits to hiring in-house developers like streamlined communication, in-person team gatherings, and brainstorming sessions.

Coming to the most important part -

Questions you should ask to a full stack developer while hiring

While hiring a full stack developer, you need to ask them specific questions that reflect their deep-rooted knowledge, and through that, you will be able to find out if the full stack developer is the right fit for you or not.

Also, your interview questions should focus on their soft skills and hard skills to know about the developer’s overall expertise.

  • Soft skills based questions.

  • Are you updated with the latest technological advancements in the development world? Tell a few of the newest coding & programming updates.

  • How do you prioritise the mobile app development process? What do you usually take up first?

  • After work hours, what do you do to become a better full stack developer?

  • Is there any new programming language you are learning or wish to learn, and why?

  • Hard skills based questions.

  • How to make an app from scratch, and which programming languages to use?

  • With your years of experience so far, is there any project you loved working on?

  • Which APIs and tools do you use to build an application other than the tech stack?

  • Please walk us through some of your projects.

So, these are some questions you can ask the full stack developers. Additionally, you can also give a practical test that would truly reflect his knowledge and whether the full stack developer can be trusted or not.

At Imperoit, when a client comes to us, we provide clients with the option of cherry-picking the full stack developer they wish to onboard for their project. Additionally, our clients have full freedom to test our developers’ abilities. Our full stack developers at Imperoit are based on the above questions, you can know whether you can hire that full stack developer or not. Also, full-stack web developers that have previously worked on a project like yours so that it can prove to be advantageous for you.

full-stack web developers are multi-talented engineers, and now you know who they are and how can they be hired. Let’s know the benefits of hiring full stack developers.

Benefits of hiring a full stack developer

  • Average 5+ years of experience

  • Put forward top-notch knowledge

  • All-rounders - broad expertise

  • Cost-effective

That’s all, folks!

Here you go! We hope that you got thorough with how you can hire full stack developers  - the leading tech experts. It’s high time you take the plunge, decide your budget, and lead from the front with the leading tech experts. 

Together, let’s build robust top-notch software. For any queries or hiring-related info, just connect with us & get your queries solved. 

Full stack developers can work on the front-end and back-end both, and thus when you hire full stack developers in the UK, you will connect with veteran full stack developers who will be your all-in-one tech guys, helping you create fantastic softwares. This doesn’t end here hiring full stack developers means saving on huge app development costs and getting your app faster in the market. With this, we wish you all the best on your hiring full-stack expedition.


1. Should I hire a full-stack developer?

Full stack developers are highly versed in market trends and the latest technologies. They are proficient in both the frontend as well as the backend. Therefore it is always highly suggested to hire full-stack developers. Full stack developers offer highly effective and robust solutions. So, there are unlimited perks to acquiring services from full stack developers, as this will eventually help your business rise.

2. How much is a full-stack developer?

Full stack developers' annual charges vary between €40,000 to €70,000, depending upon the experience, skills and other major factors of full stack developers. Additionally, while hiring full stack developers, ensure that you consider various engagement models such as part-time, temporary, and freelance.

3.  Where can I find a full-stack developer?

LinkedIn, Upwork, Clutch, Fiverr, etc., are some of the platforms where you can find full-stack developers. Social media is another good platform to find full stack developers. Besides all these platforms, you can also consider referrals, as the person will give you a better insight into the developer's capabilities and work quality.

4. What is full-stack hiring?

When you want to hire a single person for the complete development process, full stack developers will come into play. Hiring full stack developers has many advantages, as it's hassle-free in terms of management, time, and cost-effective. For these reasons, hiring full stack developers is always highly suggested in businesses or enterprises.

5. How much does a freelance full-stack developer make?

The salary of a typical freelance full-stack developer ranges between £25.50 per hour to £50,000 per year. Additionally, it varies greatly depending on their experiences and skill sets. There are more project-related factors affecting the overall cost of development, such as the project timeline, scope, requirements, industry, etc.

6. What is the advantage of being a full-stack developer?

Full stack developers are skilled in frontend as well as backend. As they work on every part of the project, they hold a greater understanding of all the aspects of the development process. Hiring full-stack developers has a lot of benefits, considering their technical knowledge and experience. They are a full package as you don't have to hire and manage multiple people for frontend and backend tasks.

7. Are full stack developers paid more?

As for a business, hiring full stack developers makes more sense, as it reduces the number of people to do the same job. Therefore, full stack developers reign a much higher salary package than frontend and backend developers. Furthermore, their salaries vary according to their abilities, consistency, and other factors.



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