Being a content creator, you will be required to craft original, crisp, consistent, error-free and engaging content that reflects our mission and core expertise subtly. You are expected to write very high-quality content having consistency in communicating our core branding, philosophy, and methodology to establish ourselves as a thought leader across our offerings.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Must have knowledge of Technical Writing.
  • Must have at least 6 months of Experience.
  • Strong written and verbal communications and experience working with content in multiple mediums.
  • Excellent attention to detail and the ability to prioritize and work on multiple projects in a fast-paced changing environment.
  • Keeping with the current emerging web technologies through relevant blogs and events.
  • Thinking creatively and writing content for below- mentioned types

    ▪ Web content.
    ▪ Case studies.
    ▪ Blog posts, infographics, articles, press releases.
    ▪ E-Books, Whitepaper, Newsletters, Videos scripts, Webinar presentation.
    ▪ Sales and marketing collaterals.
    ▪ Content for social media campaigns.

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Perks of working at Impero!

For us, our tech squad matters! We do not merely give perks but ways to get
your game stronger with energising benefits!

Holidays on Saturdays

After a week-long of meticulous work, exhaustion wears you out and to revamp yourself, we offer Saturdays & Sundays off because we know that physical, as well as mental health, are of utmost importance.

Outings a couple of times a year.

A place where fun not only lies in office but also going on trips and forgetting everything about the tech world and just entertaining yourself. A boost that you won’t say no to!

Programs to enhance your skills

Every month our team welcomes great personalities to train & mentor us to grow more & achieve the very best. After the program, follows a quick entertaining session to further make your mood for the day.

Funding your courses

If you ever feel like you wanna do a course enhancing your skill sets then Impero offers 50% of funds to get you seeing doing something productive.

Medical insurance

In these uncertain times, we don’t only allow working from home but even provide with the monthly net charges so that work doesn’t suffer. Along with that, our medical insurance policy assures that safety comes first!

A great place

You deliver great results and we have a great office to push you even farther. Working in a great infrastructure with all the amenities provided will give the perfect vibe you need. Because at large is a space that will promote you to do your best.