KEMAS - Software to help the Indian army maintain inventory & service logs.

The developed software is state of the art having latest computer programming features. The application software is very stable and running stable giving desired output. The team of Impero is throughly competent and professional and assisted us in the most professional manner in accomplishing the task. Thanks to Impero team for helping us in automating our task.

Lt Col Second-in-Command
611 EME Bn.

What is the KEMAS?

The Golden Katar Regiment wanted us to create an effective system that could help battalions track & analyse arms & equipment in possession of the regiment. We created KEMAS which stands for Katar equipment Management & Analysis Software.

The software helped the Indian army store equipment’s data onto a server maintained through the Indian army’s intranet to make it secure & totally reliable. KEMAS made the entire process automated, which can be easily accessible in different locations of India, to enable smooth & efficient communication.

Problem statement

It became a hard-core task for Army personnel to manage handling & servicing numerous equipment in possession. Also, they were having a hard time getting the equipment serviced at the due date. Manual errors could also occur in maintaining the data of the equipment & getting the exact numbers of in-service equipment.

We implemented a solution that could solve all the problems in a single automated software with combined efforts. In 3 months of usage, KEMAS handled over 1 million records of data & made the entire process of service & maintaining an automatic, easy operation.

Our Involvement

We developed a tailored turnkey solution for the Indian army. We developed KEMAS based on .NET
technology & SQL based server to provide a totally secured solution. With our profound system,
KEMAS is used by 12+ battalions all over India.

Software features

  • Software accessibility in different locations.
  • Storage of data on the server.
  • Data intimation on the dashboard.
  • Easy access to printed receipt, service notes, & repair notes to avoid human error.
  • Availability of check-in & check-out for workshops.
  • Access of application on Intranet.
  • SQL secured system based server.

Achievements & recognitions

  • A totally secure & reliable system.
  • All the inventory & service logs are maintained through KEMAS.
  • Within 3 months of implementation, the entire data was automated & all transactions were done using KEMAS.
  • Better analytics gave insight into loopholes in the system, and preventive measures were taken to prevent them.
  • 30% of efficiency was increased in repair and maintenance tasks done in the battalion.
  • What started with only 1 battalion is now used across India by over 12+ battalions.
  • Impressed with the extraordinary system development, we were also awarded a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ by the Indian Army.

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