What is NameDown?

NameDown is a comprehensive education platform designed to manage the entire admissions process. It provides parents a seamless way to search for schools, explore resources, and apply for admissions. Meanwhile, schools can set up detailed profiles, manage applications, and accept or reject them based on specific criteria.

Connecting parents and schools seamlessly for streamlined admissions.

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Emer O'Dwyer

Emer O’Dwyer

Founder, NameDown

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Design and development of NameDown platforms

Two Distinct Interfaces

Our team designed and developed two web interfaces to cater to the unique needs of parents and schools. The Parent interface allows parents to search for schools through various filters, explore expert-curated content and submit admission applications for their kids.

The School interface enables schools to register and set up their profiles by filling in relevant information, managing information links, and accepting or rejecting admission applications based on their selection criteria.

Two Distinct Interfaces

User-Friendly Design

Both interfaces prioritise ease of navigation and a user-friendly experience. Recognising the diverse technological proficiency among users, the design includes clear tabs, intuitive navigation pathways, and visual cues, ensuring parents and schools can engage seamlessly with the platform.

User-Friendly Design

Technical Development Highlights

We ensured that the platform performs seamlessly across various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

The backend is robust and scalable, capable of supporting a growing number of users and functionalities over time. Additionally, to protect sensitive data, we implemented industry-standard security practices, including data encryption and secure authentication methods.

Technical Development Highlights

Features that make Parent’s interface productive!

School Search

Parents can search for schools using a variety of filters, including school level, region, name, and admission status. This feature streamlines the process of finding suitable schools, allowing parents to efficiently narrow down their options and choose the best fit for their children.

Access to Learning Modules

The interface provides parents with access to learning modules covering a range of topics, including transitioning to primary school, learning skills, and well-being. These modules offer valuable resources that support parents and their children in navigating educational challenges and fostering holistic development.

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Features that make School’s interface productive!

Efficient Booking System

School Registration

Schools can register on the platform by setting up their profiles, and adding comprehensive details about their facilities, educational philosophy, and unique offerings. This initial setup is crucial for schools to effectively attract and engage with prospective parents.

Efficient Booking System

Add Admission Forms

Schools can upload and customise their admission forms directly on the platform. This allows for a streamlined application process, tailored to meet the specific requirements and criteria of each school.

Features that make School’s interface productive!
Efficient Booking System

Admission Application Management

Schools can view applications, categorise them by various demographics such as male or female applicants, and process them according to their admission standards. This feature simplifies the monitoring and handling of a potentially large volume of applications.

Efficient Booking System

Information Links

Schools can update and provide vital information through the platform, including school policies, history, code of conduct, and other necessary forms. This ensures that all relevant and updated information is accessible to parents, helping them make informed decisions.

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