What is U-Trade?

U-Trade is a robust, scalable, and user-friendly B2B commerce platform, meticulously engineered to revolutionise the supply chain for suppliers, including importers and manufacturers. This platform establishes a direct and efficient connection between suppliers and retailers by eliminating 6-7 intermediaries.

Featuring over 800+ screens, the platform offers suppliers a place to showcase and promote their diverse range of products. Simultaneously, the platform equips retailers with the ability to explore, select, and procure these products directly. Moreover, the interface integrates consumer-centric elements, simplifying the procurement experience for retailers significantly.

Business growth

75% yearly

Orders everyday



10M +

Satisfaction ratio


A B2B portal in East Africa to eliminate 6-7 intermediaries & build direct partnerships.

A big shoutout to them for their exceptional software development services. From ideation to deployment, their relentless commitment to quality and detail made the whole experience delightful. Thanks to them, our business is now more competitive than ever!

Mohamed Abbas Sachedina

Mohamed Abbas Sachedina

Founder of U-Trade

u-trade app

Vision behind U-Trade

The genesis of U-Trade stemmed from the challenges encountered within a manual framework. The daily process of manually planning product deliveries from warehouses to buyers, a long three-hour process to generate delivery plans for 25 trucks navigating diverse routes, and delays in goods loading often plagued the entire delivery schedule. Such delays led to many issues disturbing operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the conventional inventory management approach, involving manual product counting at warehouses every month, highlighted an additional area for improvement. Plus, the longstanding B2B commerce supply chain, laden with intermediaries, consistently resulted in inflated prices for retailers, impacting both ends of the business spectrum. Driven by these identified inefficiencies, the U-Trade team decided to disrupt this established paradigm.

U-Trade vision

Design and development of U-Trade platforms

Conceptualisation and initial design

The journey of U-Trade began with meticulous market research, aiming to identify prevalent challenges and inefficiencies within the traditional B2B supply chain.

This extensive research phase led to the formulation of a comprehensive roadmap that delineated strategies to address identified pain points. Finally, we designed the various interfaces keeping usability in mind.

Conceptualisation and initial design

Development of platforms and interfaces

Our focus diverged from the traditional B2B interface, steering towards a more consumer-centric approach akin to B2C models. We integrated features such as carts, favourites, in-app notifications, refunds, and order tracking.

These consumer-friendly elements streamlined the B2B buying experience significantly, resonating with retailers accustomed to user-centric platforms.

Development of platforms and interfaces

Incredible features for an incredible platform!

Multifaceted user experience

U-Trade accommodates various user types— Suppliers, Retailers, Admin, Sales Managers, Customer Service, Fulfillment Team, and Finance—providing a seamless and tailored experience across different roles.

Inventory and warehouse management

The platform efficiently manages inventory operations, including stock tracking, handling damaged products, managing returns, and automating warehouse tasks, streamlining logistics.

Financial transaction tracking

U-Trade meticulously tracks financial transactions, such as payments from B2B customers and delivery-related expenses, ensuring transparent and accountable financial records.

Data-driven decision making

The platform generates insightful reports supporting decision-making for Admin, Sales Managers, and Finance, extracting actionable data from the system for informed choices.

Automated workflows

U-Trade incorporates automated processes that align with user roles, automating tasks like order processing, payment tracking, and inventory updates, reducing manual work.

Here are a few glimpses from our visit to their warehouse in East Africa!

warehouse Africa Group image
warehouse Africa meeting

Let’s take a look at how we designed their route maps and warehouse management interface.

Design interface
Design interface
Design interface
Design interface
Design interface

A glimpse at a few more key features

Admin panel features

  • Inventory management and data accessibility
  • Access to all functionalities; process initiation

Seller panel features

  • Inventory management and order tracking
  • Sales statistics and targeted ad campaigns

Buyer’s app features

  • Quick registration and browsing without login
  • Real time order tracking and easy payment

Driver’s app features

  • One-to-one location list
  • Instant notifications on delivery plans

App and web platforms, interfaces, & admin dashboard

Separate interfaces were designed and developed for administrators, buyers, sellers, customers, and drivers, ensuring tailored experiences aligned with their specific roles. Also, developing both web platforms and applications equipped U-Trade with a multifaceted ecosystem across diverse user segments.

app web platforms

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