Improving the well-being of 500,000 users through guided meditation.

“We have been working with Impero for more than four years now, and I must say they are a trusted technology partner. The project’s scope was changed multiple times, but dedication, quality and result were always great. We are very impressed with the communication and support at every stage.”

Roberto Calderón
CTO, Facilisimo Interactive SL

What is Siente?

Siente is the world’s first app based on the ‘create health’ methodology by Facilisimo Foundation. Backed by scientific research and evidence, it helps users embrace positive changes and improve mental health and well-being through effective teaching and forming positive habits.

Siente has been especially useful for reducing stress, better acceptance, flexibility, increased empathy, improving confidence, improving relationships, finding your purpose, and growing focus & precision.

Siente is now a top-rated app for self-guided meditation and psychological positivity exercises amongst Spanish speakers.

About Facilisimo Foundation

Facilisimo foundation, a well-known name in the Spanish community, boasts a collaborative community of more than 50M users,

Their vision is to improve society by disseminating the importance of mindfulness, correct food, and adequate physical activity for people’s well-being.

As a non-profit, all the app proceeds support other non-profit institutions committed to improving society’s well-being. They also support noble causes for education and cancer research.

Siente app’s goal is to help users to adopt good mental health and well being by using the app on a daily basis for 10 minutes.

Our Involvement

Impero is fortunate to be part of this non-profit project and bring positive changes in society, thereby helping the world be a better place.

While designs were provided by the client, we developed native mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms.

App features

  • Identify the user's mental well-being using the Pemberton index and create a personalised plan for mindfulness sessions and positive psychology exercises.
  • Guided meditation
  • Mindfulness sessions
  • Binaural beats therapy
  • Positive psychology exercises
  • Solidarity group meditations
  • Reminders and notifications to maintain and establish personal discipline

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Achievements & recognitions

  • Helped over 500,000 users to inculcate positive personal changes.
  • Used in the network of 250+ distributors.
  • Partnered with Gympass to collaborate with over 50,000 Gyms & Studios.
  • Partnered with Global Humanitaria, I.E.S. Joaquín Rodrigo, IES Cervantes, Asociación Red Nacional Infértiles and IES Río Verde for various noble causes.
  • Consistently rated 4.7+ on Apple & Android Store across 10k+ reviews.

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