What is InPractice Software?

It is an innovative audit management tool that enhances the efficiency and profitability of audit processes by eliminating under-auditing and over-auditing. It offers a cloud-based solution that allows users to access their audit tools anytime and anywhere. The software stands out by incorporating a dynamic time budgeting tool that facilitates the effective management of audit hours, thereby countering common challenges in the industry such as uncontrolled work hours and the risk of fee write-offs.

A cutting-edge financial audit platform built for SMEs.

We know how complex and challenging it can be to manage financial operations, especially auditing. However, their team demonstrated an in-depth understanding of our industry's challenges and intricacies from the outset. They took the time to listen to our needs and meticulously crafted software that was tailored to our exact needs.

Jaffer RH Manek

Jaffer RH Manek

Managing Director, InPractice

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Design and development of InPractice Software

Two Integrated Interfaces

Our team crafted two web interfaces to meet the specific needs of financial audit management. The Auditor interface facilitates auditors in setting up and managing their audit projects, including dynamic time budgeting and tracking of audit activities.

The Admin interface allows management to oversee audit operations, manage user roles, and access comprehensive reports on audit outcomes and time efficiencies

Two Integrated Interfaces

User-Friendly Design

Both interfaces prioritise ease of navigation and a user-friendly experience. Acknowledging the diverse technological proficiency among users, the design features clear tabs, intuitive navigation pathways, and visual cues, ensuring auditors and management can engage seamlessly with the software.

User-Friendly Design

Technical Development Highlights

The backend architecture is robust and scalable, designed to handle large volumes of sensitive financial data. Recognising the critical importance of security and compliance in the financial audit sector, we implemented advanced security measures.

Furthermore, the system incorporates real-time data processing capabilities to support complex audit tasks and maintains compliance with international auditing standards, ensuring that every audit conducted using our platform meets rigorous industry requirements.

Technical Development Highlights

Features that make the platform best in business

Essential Operations and User Engagement

  • New User Registration & Login: Simple click-through processes to get started with the platform.
  • Purchase InPractice Audit File: Allows users to buy individual audit files, providing a cost-effective solution compared to traditional hourly rates.
  • Setup an Audit File: Streamlines the initial setup process for conducting audits, ensuring all necessary data is ready for use.
  • Appoint & Allocate: Facilitates the assignment of audit teams and budgeting of hours per auditor, enhancing project management and operational efficiency.
Essential Operations and User Engagement

Audit Process Management

  • Audit File Work Recording: Differentiates between ongoing and finalised work, ensuring clarity and ease of access to audit records.
  • Completion & Close Down: Smooth sign-off and closure operations with options to download, check, save, and back up the completed audit file.
  • Backup: Essential tools for backing up audit data securely, either on hard drives, external storage, or cloud, safeguarding crucial financial information.
Audit Process Management

Communication and Documentation

Notification System

An intuitive notification system that alerts users to changes, upgrades, or important messages, all accessible via a bell-shaped icon.

Print Options

Provides flexibility to print documents directly from the platform, supporting both partial and complete file prints.

Advanced Audit Features

Search and browse

Dynamic Updates in Audit Files

Automatic updates within the audit files when sections are signed off, clearly marking progress and areas needing attention.

Direct booking

Comprehensive Audit Planning

Supports senior-level involvement in the planning stages and adheres to strict standards like the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs).

Simplified engagement

Revenue Recognition & Disclosures

Tools to manage complex accounting policies and disclosure requirements, preventing oversight and non-compliance.

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